Rated 4.9/5 by hundreds of happy clients

Rated 4.9/5 by hundreds of happy clients

For online entrepreneurs who want to scale

Raise Your EPC & ROAS... without spending more on Ads

Helping digital entrepreneurs & shop owners boost ad performance and get more insights through accurate and reliable server-side conversion tracking

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"He increased my conversion rate by over 150%... I went from $4K to $17K in sales just by his tweaks."
Annetta Powell
Serial Entrepreneur

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When you realize that off-the-shelf tracking limits your growth...

The default tracking capabilities are a great option when you get started with your new funnel as accurate data is not a critical bottleneck (yet).


But as you grow and scale your funnel, even smaller lifts in data accuracy (that you can send back to your different ad accounts) can have significant impact on your bottom line.


That’s when you need advanced tracking and analytics that is tailored to your funnel and customer acquisition.

Grow Your Business On Many Levels

A Data-Driven Path to Growth

As a successful entrepreneur, you need a tailored analytics solution that is as dynamic and robust as your business. We design streamlined tracking that delivers comprehensive and flexable real-time data to make informed and impactful decisions.

Leverage Leading Edge Tracking

Accurate Tracking & Increased ROAS

With server-side tracking, covering all conversion events, multiple pixels, and more, we achieve the highest degree of data integrity with over 99% accuracy. On top, we make sure that your ad networks can optimize your ad campaigns better for increased ROAS.

Get Actionable Insights

Insights that Drive Impact

Our robust BigQuery reporting dashboard delivers actionable insights, real-time analytics, multi-channel attribution, conversion funnel visualization, and user segmentation. You’ll have all the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition and guide your funnel to success.

Own Your Data & Infrastructure

Accurate Tracking & Increased ROAS

With us YOU own your data and tracking infrastructure – period! Our fair and transparent pricing includes a one-time setup fee, with no lock-ins. We believe in providing future-proof solutions that our clients fully own and control.

Track, Measure, Understand: The Power of Advanced Analytics for Your Shop & Funnel

Comprehensive Data

Gain a complete understanding of your business. With server-side tracking, all-encompassing e-commerce events tracking, and multiple pixel support you get the detailed insights you need to fully grasp your business dynamics.

Improved Decision Making

Make data-driven decisions that matter - with confidence. Robust, real-time analytics and in-depth reports empower you to significantly enhance your store's performance and growth.

Simplified Marketing Analysis

Seamlessly monitor multiple marketing platforms. Save time and resources by effortlessly analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns across various networks.

Data Ownership and Control

Rest easy knowing you have full control and ownership of your data and infrastructure. Feel confident managing and utilizing your data according to your business needs. You Own Your Data! No Lock-in!

Just some of the platforms we work with:


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"He is my go-to guy for all the tracking and analytics."
Justin Bauer
Coach, Digital Product Entrepreneur
“He figures everything out and the tracking becomes so much easier.”
Eric Jukelevics
Digital Entrepreneur
“I always come back to him, because I trust him and I trust the quality of his work.
Rose Radford
Business Coach
“We are now able to optimize our ad campaigns much better than before!”
Andreas Koenig
Ecom Shop Owner & Consultant
“From the very beginning, I felt really understood. Everything was super professional and clearly mapped out!
Eduardo Le Compte
Online Entrepreneur & Marketer
We have significantly improved our capability to track and measure and get data for our marketing department!
Cole Vineyard
Ecom Shop Owner
“I searched my network and big Facebook groups – I couldn’t find anyone like him!"
Paul de Zeeuw
Digital Agency Owner
“Even after the project was already completed he was always avaiable for us!
Jana Ho
Marketing Manager
“He helped our companies with CRO, Analytics, and getting the data we need!”
Jesse Wilcoxon

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Experience & Dedication to Client Success​

Since Sascha founded Mercareo in 2017, he helped business owners gain valuable and actionable insights and improve their bottom line by testing and implementing countless strategies and techniques. 

Our mission at Mercareo Solutions is to help online shop owners and digital entrepreneurs increase their profit margins using the power of data.

Years of experience and close collaboration with our clients have resulted in countless success stories. 

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"Sascha is both great at what he does & a pleasure to work with. Would 100% work with him again."
Laurie Shertz

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"We experienced a server-side signal loss with the Shopify Facebook CAPI integration overnight with no changes on our side. We spent weeks trying to figure out the issue by using multiple developers + a specializing analytics firm, switching our native Shopify CAPI integration, and countless emails back and forth. Yet, nothing worked until we found Sascha. After understanding the history, a lot of investigative work, and troubleshooting, Sascha was able to get everything working perfectly within 48 hours. He was fast, efficient, and honest. I will work with him again and he's likely one of the most experienced freelancers on Upwork, specializing in server-side tracking. Don't be cheap. Use Sascha!"
Angie K.
Online Shop Owner

Frequently Asked

Our setup process is straightforward. During an initial consultation we’ll explore your specific needs and requirements. We’ll then configure the tracking and analytics on your funnel. We’ll configure all necessary settings to ensure accurate data collection across all your marketing channels.

Our service uses advanced server-side tracking technology to capture and process data. This method bypasses common issues like ad-blockers and cookie restrictions, ensuring a high degree of data accuracy.

Yes, our service can track customer behaviors across multiple advertising platforms. We integrate with all major ad networks and can track key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and feed that data back to your advertising partners.

By providing accurate data, the ad networks can optimize your ad campaigns effectively. Additionally, you can create custom audiences, can identify high-performing campaigns, and improve targeting to increase your ROAS.

We use GA4 as a central element for analytics. Therefore you’ll be able to  track user interactions across different channels (and devices) and attributes conversions to the most influential touchpoints. This allows you to understand the customer journey better and optimize your marketing strategy.

Absolutely. We believe in empowering our clients. With our service, you retain full ownership of your data and infrastructure. We provide a future-proof solution that puts you in control. Your data will be stored in you BigQuery Datawarehouse. You tracking server will be hosted through Google Cloud Platform. In both cases you will have full control over the data without being locked-into proprietary solutions.

You can start seeing improvements in your tracking and analytics soon after the setup is complete. Improvements in Advertising performance can take longer. The exact timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your store, the amount of traffic you generate from different ad platforms, and the specific configurations required.

Yes, we deploy the tracking using GA4 and Google Tag Manager (GTM) as backbone. In some cases it does not make sense to continue you existing setup, for others you can run both solutions alongside each other.

By providing accurate tracking data and feeding it back to the respective ad networks, they will be able to better optimize your ad campaign performance. Through enhanced matching and advanced matching we can also teach network more about your customers event if they come through different channels.

Pretty much anything you need. Facebook (+ CAPI), Google Ads, TikTok, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, Bing, Taboola, Outbrain, and many more: we have added all kinds of ad networks for our clients. 

Our tracking setup is centered around Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). With our years of experience we tweak the setup and configuration to achieve extremely high data accuracy for your online store conversions.

"Working with Sascha was awesome! He helped install Facebook Conversions API and also implemented Google Tag Manager. We've seen an increase in performance from our ad spend ever since. Looking forward to working with him in the future."
Ross Sedawie
Online Shop Owner